Meet the team – Dean Mawson

Dean's area of expertise is in Clinical Safety and leads on work relating to DCB0129 and DCB0160 compliance.

Dean Mawson
What is your area of expertise at ETHOS?


I am a Clinical Safety Officer (CSO) and lead on work relating to DCB0129 and DCB0160 compliance. I am supporting clients with their clinical safety management activities. This includes collaborating with the client team to produce a risk management file and all the supporting documentation. Like the other CSO’s at ETHOS, I completed the NHS Digital clinical safety training and keep up to date with current practice and methodology.
It’s a complex area, what is the most common question you get asked?


I get asked what the NHS safety standards mean in relation to what they need to do. We are here to advise and guide our clients through this process by organising workshops and meetings to help provide as much information as required. This allows us to inform and gain the relevant information to complete the clinical safety activities.
Considering the sudden increase in the use of digital during the pandemic, what would be your top tip to companies? My tip would be to make sure you review the solutions you are deploying/adopting before putting them into practice. Make sure they meet needs; it is too easy to have knee jerk reactions to a need within a health organisation.


If you are developing Health IT Solutions make sure that safety is always at the forefront of everything you do and is an inherent part of the development process. It saves resources, time and effort later.

How do they do that with limited resources? ETHOS is always available to give advice and guidance where possible, of course! We can help you with the best approach and incorporate this into your working practices and processes.

We also have information on our website which will aid you in your journey whether it be in deployment and implementation or the development roadmap.

What else is on the horizon you would flag to customers of ETHOS? Clinical Safety and the NHS Safety Standards are now expected across a number of Government initiatives and digital frameworks following the COVID 19 pandemic. So make sure you have the relevant information and advice prior to completing any of the framework responses.

ETHOS has a number of subject matter experts who can help. Taking a holistic approach to safety helps drive one consistent approach, across organisations quality and regulatory systems.

Is this reflected across the health and care sector here and abroad? This is reflected in the Medical Device Directive update which has been put back to May 2021 (upgrade MDR 2017/745). This was to allow organisations to use this time to gain entry as a Class I device and a longer period of time to consider an uplift to Class IIa if applicable.
If you could give one gift to customers what would it be? Though ETHOS have produced an Operational Clinical Safety Process document which is written using my 15 years’ experience in the Health IT sector as a CSO.