New beginnings with Ethical Healthcare Consultancy

April brings a spring in our step and the chance to work with the wonderful Thomas Webb @ EHC. Not forgetting the chance to connect with Anne Cooper more often than normal and continue our mission to provide influence for clinical safety on some major pieces of work.

This time we are helping to align an NHS organisations implementation of an AI led imaging system for Stroke with the NHS clinical safety standard DCB 0160. We believe this is a first in the NHS and there seem to be many more complex algorithmic systems rapidly being brought onboard and so we have our work cut out.

This provides us with the opportunity to really show that we understand our subject better than most and instil this knowledge in others while we work. After all our core values are such that we aim to create something with EHC that can influence the safer implementation of these technologies while governing bodies and standards organisations discuss how it should be done. EHC are such a good company and one we aspire to grow with. Thomas Webb has the ethical approach we also believe is at our core, so it’s a natural fit and we are lucky.