Partnership with mHabitat

We are delighted to announce our new collaboration and partnership with mHabitat,  a co-design digital inclusion and innovation team hosted by Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

As the market-leading experts in regulatory compliance and clinical safety in health and care services, ETHOS will be supporting the team at mHabitat with their co-design digital health projects, ensuring all developments meet the regulations for digital tools and (where necessary) medical devices.

We already have a track record of working together, and formalising our relationship will enable us to create a strong and high-quality seamless offer to our commissioning partners with the aim of unleashing the full potential of digital innovations to improve services, improve lives and enable everyone who needs it, to benefit.

Our shared vision is to ensure high quality, digitally enabled health and care services and tools are developed in a safe and effective way, underpinned by robust human-centred design principles and practices unleashing the talent of innovators, clinical staff and users of services alike.

mHabitat work with the NHS, local government, industry, academia and patients to co-design quality, inclusive and safe digitally enabled tools, services and strategies and build capacity through masterclasses, accelerator programmes and learning events.

ETHOS will directly support mHabitat in bidding for and delivering projects to improve health, care and other public services through the use of technology/digital innovation, building the understanding, competencies and regulatory expertise, and capacity of the industry.

For more information in relation to this work, please contact us at