Audit & Compliance

Security, Safety and Effectiveness are the three key areas of compliance for health software globally.

Information & Cybersecurity audit & reporting will help you to understand how protected your business information assets. We assess the security and vulnerability of your information systems, detecting its weaknesses and noncompliances. Based on this review or health check findings we can then prepare a detailed information security report with corrective actions and recommendations.

By following our expert recommendations, you will be following international best practise and ensure your infrastructure is compliant with security standards.

Clinical Safety is another cornerstone of effective health software. It is essential that you can demonstrate and clearly evidence freedom from unacceptable harm.

We are project leads within the international standards community and as the portfolio leads within the NHS. So, we are sighted on the latest industry developments allowing alignment of our review and health checks to reflect the state of the art recommendations.

Digital Effectiveness has synergy to security and safety claims within health software. We pull together all the codes of practise and evidence standards frameworks to report on the effectiveness and evidence you present to us. Digital Health Interventions and this effectiveness framework are at the core of our review and health check process.

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