Digital Effectiveness

ETHOS knows that building safety and human-centred design early in the product life cycle is going to ease regulatory and other compliance requirements when it is deployed

This approach seeks to support early stage thinking about safety systems and ensuring that users needs and requirements are sought using robust engagement methodologies. ETHOS will work with your team to create well defined hazard identification and user feedback, using a range of tools, to evaluate potential deployment issues and risks. We know an effective digital solution is one that clinicians can evaluate as safe.

Digital effectiveness also aims to support commissioners in decision making processes, guiding developers and health innovators and ensuring effective procurement practices. Equalities considerations, Data Collection, Reliable Information, Quality & Safeguarding, Credibility with UK health and care professionals and relevance to current care pathways are some of the measures for effectiveness we promote.

The ETHOS team are experienced in a range of methods such as NHS England Large Scale Change, NASSS framework, audit and service improvement methodologies. We use critical appraisal of research and data insights to inform our work and can support you to create a fit for deployment, safe and effective product