Digital Technology Assessment Criteria – DTAC

The ETHOS approach to DTAC provides you with confidence your supporting evidence passes review from commissioning organisations first time and without issue.

ETHOS has a range of safety subject matter experts across all the DTAC subject areas you will need to provide regulatory or mandated compliance when working with health and care services in the UK. Based on years of experience with varied innovative technologies from health and wellbeing apps, Software as a Medical Device and other clinical decision support systems; we have a proven track record of excellence.

If you are an SME that is struggling to manage the regulatory side of the industry, then we can provide experienced experts as a member of your organisation. This way you decide how much and when we help you and we operate seamlessly as part of your organisation.

Our Information Security & Clinical Safety Officers are experts in digital health, agile development and emerging technologies. Which makes us ideal to help you remove any unnecessary regulatory effort and focus on the safe, secure and effective product.

ETHOS have assisted in the development and publish of ISO/TS 82304-2:2021
Health software — Part 2: Health and wellness apps — Quality and reliability. This standard provides quality requirements for health apps and defines a health app quality label in order to visualize the quality and reliability of health apps. We believe this to be the future beyond DTAC ready statements and provides you with confidence we really are experts at what we do.