ETHOS virtual

ETHOS Virtual seeks to support your business with a range of safety subject matter expertise when you need it. We know it can be a help to bridge a gap and are here to provide focused assistance.

ETHOS has a range of safety subject matter experts across all the subject areas you will need to provide regulatory or mandated compliance when working with health and care services in the UK.

If you are an SME that is struggling to manage the regulatory side of the industry, then we can provide experienced experts as a member of your organisation. This way you decide how much and when we help you and we operate seamlessly as part of your organisation.

Our Information Security & Clinical Safety Officers are experts in digital health, agile development and emerging technologies. Which makes us ideal to help you remove any unnecessary regulatory effort and focus on the safe, secure and effective product.

ETHOS core values are to help influence the industry with the right behaviours at exactly the right time. We have built our expertise overtime on ethical principles and distil this into every organisation we work with.