Innovation Partnerships

ETHOS is committed to working in partnership with academics, health and care providers, 3rd sector organisations, businesses, clinicians and user groups to support effective and safe technology innovation and development.

ETHOS has significant bid development expertise in the key funding streams provided in the UK for clinical technology/innovation pipelines. Working across the higher education sector with academic partners and commercial organisations, health care providers and charities.

We use a strategic approach to the way we work with industry and other external partners to maximise pathways to impact.

The approach:

  • Prioritises a people first ethos to innovation linking user groups, professional bodies, higher education and extensive team networks in the UK and internationally
  • Enables a focus on priority sector needs to keep delivering solutions and insights which can improve care as soon as possible
  • Keeps us challenge driven, tuned to the issues of national and international importance in our field of expertise
  • Delivers added value and integrates safety thinking into programmes of work
  • Seeks to mitigate risks and optimise deployment

The team have worked on large scale deployments, definition of standards and competencies for the workforce, agile developments of new products and worked with a wide range of vulnerable groups and patient cohorts.

ETHOS is passionate about working in partnership to drive innovation nationally and internationally. From user centred design and clinical insight work to at scale safety deployment and innovation programmes, we will add a unique ingredient into your projects.