Team member

Dr Harriet Leyland

Harriet is a Doctor and Healthcare Consultant with expertise in transformation, service development, and clinical risk management support.

Principal Clinical Safety Officer

In an increasingly complex, changing landscape Harriets understanding of policy and delivery level challenges. It enables her to provide technical expertise and medical credibility alongside clinical governance and risk management support and redesign, in organisations with very different cultures and goals. As a Clinical Safety Officer, she is fully up to date with the required assurance around health IT and the Clinical Safety standards (DCB0129/DCB0160) and is a member of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

Harriet also brings an integrated health systems approach, bridging the gap between public and private health provision, commercial health tech and insurance clients, and international health systems. She has extensive experience of supporting innovation and development of health systems with knowledge and experience of using new technologies across a wide range of healthcare delivery contexts.