Team member

Rachel Roode

Rachel is an accomplished Registered Nurse with 34 years of clinical, managerial and regional healthcare experience in the UK and overseas.

Clinical Safety Officer

Rachel has undertaken a wide variety of roles working within Primary and Secondary healthcare, HM Royal Air Force and the Ministry of Defence Nursing Services during her professional career so far.

Originally from Cheshire, Rachel graduated from Leicester Charles Frear School of Nursing in1990. After a total of 6 years in the NHS, she joined Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service.

Over the next 18 years, she completed an extensive array of roles internationally, ranging from Junior Ward Sister, Specialist Practice Nurse Manager, Aeromedical Liaison Officer, Clinical Governance lead and Operations Manager.

She finished her RAF career in a dual role as the Senior Nursing Officer at the RAF’s largest Medical Primary Healthcare Facility and Regional Nursing Officer and subject matter expert for the RAF South West Regional Clinical Director.

This extensive and wide-ranging experience focussed on patient safety at the core of all her work irrespective of nationality, speciality or location of the care being administered. She has a comprehensive portfolio of skills in healthcare governance processes, audit, significant event reporting and root cause analysis, and is competent in clinical risk management, reporting, investigating and resolving clinical incidents. She has become increasingly aware of the scale and pace of changes in the use of digital health technologies in healthcare during this time, and so moving into digital patient safety was a natural progression in her career.

As a result, in 2021 Rachel completed a Foundation Clinical Safety Officer Training with ETHOS Ltd. As a highly skilled and experienced Nurse, this optimised the use of her wide-ranging skills in a new career, focussing on the compliance of digital health applications and digital system safety.

Rachel brings additional specialist skills and experience to bear on our clients’ clinical safety requirements and is a highly valued member of the team here at ETHOS.