Team member

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca is a Registered Pharmacy Technician with over 16 years experience across a range of local, regional and national informatics areas and is an experienced CSO.

Principal Clinical Safety Officer

A Senior Pharmacy Technician by background, she was initially working in Primary Care in pharmacies, Rebecca then made the move to General Practice. She has a passion for patient safety, worked at NHS Digital for several years on programmes such as the Electronic Prescription Service, Summary Care Record, and a range of integration projects. She was a Clinical Informatician for the programmes, alongside working as the CSO.
Rebecca’s community-facing roles and national programme delivery is underpinned by 6 years of project management, policy and procedure definition with commissioners, in the context of complex and fluxing adherence to government strategies. Her most recent experience has consolidated the CSO aspects of her work, focused on a secondary care trust and a regional, integrated, shared care record. She also found time to fit in working with several software companies reviewing and assuring healthcare tech products. Rebecca’s qualifications include being a registered pharmacy technician, project & programme management, and skills relating to benefits realisation and leadership.