Team member

Richard Bunney

Richard brings 20 years’ experience advising on cybersecurity, digital and programme governance risks in the healthcare sector.

Digital Health Security & Assurance Specialist

Richard is certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, Information Systems Auditing, Data Privacy and Security and has worked extensively with organisations to promote compliance with international and local standards for resilience, business continuity and information security. He is also highly experienced in adherence to CyberEssentials and NHS Digital’s data security and protection standards (DSPT).

He is a technology and digital assurance professional who has lead teams in the private and public sectors with critical safety and security requirements including aviation, financial services and public health. Richard has worked in over 30 countries and has several years’ experience working with Foundation Trusts, arms-length organisations, and public health charities.

During the pandemic, he recently led a technology internal risk audit function for an NHS consortium. The audit aim was to provide insight and assurance to an NHS provider and commissioning organisations in the northeast of England.

He is passionate about the positive impact well-led technology change can have on transforming public health and a keen advocate of harnessing the potential of well-governed but data-driven insights for organisational intelligence and patient benefit.