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Stuart Hall

Stuart's experience in large teaching hospitals, district general hospitals, GP practices, community hospitals and a prison enabled him to gain extensive cross-sector insights.

Principal Clinical Safety Officer
Stuart Hall photo

Stuart graduated from Keele University as a Physiotherapist in 2003 and subsequently worked in the NHS for 16 years. His practice took him to a range of roles across England before moving to North Devon.

In 2014 Stuart was involved in the implementation of Intersystems Trackcare (electronic health record). As Allied Health Professions (AHP) Lead and Trackcare Champion he spent 3 years working on system configuration to ensure the system aligned with the requirements of all AHP services and then moved into health IT by becoming the projects Clinical Safety Officer (CSO).

Subsequently, Stuart moved to the University of Plymouth as a Physiotherapy Lecturer and in 2008 took up the unique CSO role with Genomics England.

Genomics England was set up by the Department of Health to deliver the 100,000 Genome Project and led on to the Genomic Medicine Service which would allow whole-genome sequencing to be a mainstream service and provide patients with a diagnosis, optimum treatment and also build up our knowledge of these conditions.